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God has a Plan, Part 2b

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Rome 30:10—The end of those that did evil was evil.

Cow 2:30—When thy Lord said to the angels, “I am setting in the earth a viceroy.” They said, “What, wilt Thou set therein one who will do corruption there, and shed blood?”

Here God is telling the angels before the Garden of Eden creation that He is going to put someone on earth to represent Him, namely man. “What?” the angels say. “But man will ruin the earth with his sin.”

Cow 2:36—Then Satan caused them (Adam and Eve) to slip there from (from the Garden of Eden) and brought them out of that they were in.

Battlements 7:22-23—Their Lord (the Lord of Adam and Eve ) called to them, “Did not I prohibit you from this tree, and say to you, ‘Verily Satan is for you a manifest foe’?” They said, “Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if Thou does not forgive us, and have mercy upon us, we shall surely be among the lost.”

There is nothing in these preceding passages about good deeds saving us from our sin. They say that we are sinners and that if God does not Forgive and save us, we are lost. Teachers of Muslim theology do not typically mention original sin, but here it is in the Qur’an. Some say the Christian church invented sin in order to have Chrsit as a Savior. But Muhammad serves as a witness against this interpretation. Decide whether to leave in here…..

Ta Ha 20:121—Adam disobeyed his Lord, and so he erred.

Abraham 14:34—Surely man is sinful, unthankful!

Confederates 33:72—Surely he (man) is sinful, very foolish.

Same as Romans 3:23.

House of Imran3:11—God seized them because of their sins; God is terrible in retribution.

Creator 35:10—Those who devise evil deeds—theirs shall be a terrible chastisement, and their devising shall come to naught.

Bee16:34—So the evil things that they wrought (or made) smote them, and they were encompassed by that they mocked at.

Sin reaps more sin.

Crouching 45:7-8—“Woe to every guilty impostor who hears the sings (miracles and or message of God) of God being recited to him, then perseveres in wxing proud (goes on sinning), as if he has not heard them.”

Cow 2:276—God loves not any guilty ingrate.

Talk about defilement here. Person must get the point that they are a sinner and be wiing to admit it now.

Talk about my sin. Admit that I am a sinner. Ask the person where they stand before God right now? If they died, would they go to heaven for sure?

You may be Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, agnostic, or other, and have a need for forgiveness from sin. Truly, this is our greatest need.

I am reminded of the story of Dr. Paul Gupta, born is a very high caste in India and carried the name of a Hindu god. Though he had from his family inheritance everything he could want in life, he was over and over again from childhood made keenly aware of his sin. Though he searched, he could not find freedom from His person sins. Early life in his life he sought ways to relieve the pain and guilt of sin. Those included swamas and Hindu teaching about how to deal with the problem of sin. Thus, many people are well aware of their personal sins, and even burdened down with those sins.

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